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Alleviating Patients'' Pain to Fulfill Our Mission
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2016-2-16 14:37:43

At the end of January 2016, Medtronic Kanghui Orthopedics Group held the annual meetings in Changzhou and Beijing respectively. Dr. Alex Moussa, the President of the Group and his executive management team excitingly gathered with all employees of KH and LBE, to celebrate the New Year with enthusiastic singing and dancing. Dr. Zhou Chengpei, from Tangdu Hospital of the Fourth Military Medical University with Mr. Liu, one of his patients, and Prof. Li Xiaofeng, from Harbin First Hospital with Mr. Lv, one of his patients, separately attended meetings in two cities, sharing their experience and feeling as patients and surgeons. They also showed their appreciation to Medtronic Kanghui Orthopedics’ innovative therapies, and extended their best wishes to our future business success. 

Good News for Patients
Mr. Liu, the ~70 years-old patient who attended the KH celebration in Changzhou is otherwise in good health, had a minimally invasive spine surgery two months ago, implanting KH Cupid minimally invasive spine system. Mr. Liu recalled “preoperative recurrent back pain accompanied with by right leg pain made me unable to bend over or walk upright. Sometimes, turning side by side would wake me up because of pain, seriously affecting my quality of life, not to mention retirement traveling or swimming”. When it came to minimally invasive surgery, Mr. Liu said “at the beginning, I suspected the minimally invasive techniques, but the postoperative recovery was quite satisfactory. Postoperative bleeding was diminutive. I got off bed on the third day after surgery. Now I could easily walk 30 circles surrounding the entire residence block. Minimally invasive techniques really mean a gospel of patients”.

Dr. Qian, the expert in the orthopedics field said, “Through continuous exploration for over a decade, minimally invasive concept has been well accepted by spine patients. Compared with open surgery, it is characterized by small incision, less bleeding, faster recovery, fewer complications and other advantages. This technique is developing toward intelligence and digitalization. ”

Renewed Expectation
Products (etc. screws and plates) , designed and manufactured by LBE employees are a vital part of our core business to drive company growth and more importantly shoulder the company mission to alleviate pain, restore health and extend life. Mr. Lv, 62 years old, benefited from LBE pedicle screws and PEEK lumbar cage. He received a surgery for lumbar disc herniation one year and a half ago. By now, his mobility has been completely recovered. In terms of the most impressive experience before and after surgery, Mr. Lv said, “Pain in the lumbar spine made possible impossible and recovery after surgery made supported supporting. It’s really amazing!”

“With the rapid development of spinal surgery, surgeons need to absorb a wide range of innovative technologies, and companies need to response more rapidly to market demand, complementing each other and working together to provide patients with a more suitable intra-operative and postoperative treatment solutions”, Prof. Li Xiaofeng who attended the LBE meeting said.

“Stories behind every patient repeatedly tell us our responsibilities,” Dr. Alex Moussa stated, “in 2015, thanks to all employees for your dedication to the rapid growth of Medtronic Kanghui Orthopedics Group, and we hope that  you will continue to work hard to take up our mission side by side, benefiting more patients with our innovations”.