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Medtronic Kanghui Orthopedics Attended the 10th International Congress of the COA with A Dozen of Orthopedic Solutions
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2015-12-19 9:50:44

Medtronic Kanghui Orthopedics Attended the 10th International Congress of the COA with A Dozen of Orthopedic Solutions

On November 24 of 2015 in Chongqing, Medtronic, the leader of global medical technology, services and solutions, has attended the 10th International Congress of the Chinese Orthopedic Association of the CMA with its two brands Kanghui and Libeier, demonstrating a dozen of integrated orthopedic solutions for the patients of different ages, different stages and different symptoms, and providing more multilevel, humanistic and economically valuable choices for surgeons and patients. During the congress, the number of doctors who have visited the exhibition booths of Kanghui and Libeier was historically high, and dozens of domestic and international well-known orthopedic experts have offered targeted instructions on R&D and market expansion of Kanghui and Libeier.

Alex Moussa, the vice president of Medtronic and the president of Medtronic Kanghui Orthopedic stresses: “Innovation and economic value are the two major driving forces of making growth and opportunities in medical technology market. In response to the rapid growth of the demand for health in China and global emerging markets, Kanghui and Libeier, supported by the innovative technologies of Medtronic, keep deepening the researches in hot subjects like traumas, spinal degeneration diseases, senile osteoporosis, minimal invasive surgery, and meanwhile, strengthen the cooperation with various medical and academic institutions, so as to provide more highly targeted professional solutions to meet the actual market demand. ”

Focusing on Hot Topics of Aging Spine

With the intensifying population aging, the incidence surge of osteoporosis has made it rank into the top common diseases in the world. In response of this situation, Kanghui and Libeier have specially invited several eminent experts of China to attend this “Hot Topics on Aging Spine” satellite symposium and share their valuable experiences and insights in clinical practices, they are: Professor Xu Jianzhong from Southwest Hospital of the Third Military Medical University, Professor Qian Jixian from Tangdu Hospital of the Fourth Military Medical University, Professor Ye Xiaojian from Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, and Professor Qian Bangping from Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital.

The ESSENT BKP system of showed at this exhibition is applicable for the treatment of osteoporotic and oncological vertebral compression fractures. This product is a balloon kyphoplasty device, used to create a cavity inside of the vertebral body and then fill it with bone cement thus to relive pain and restore vertebral body height. It consists of puncture system, dilation system, biopsy and bone cement perfusion system, which may significantly alleviate unbearable pain caused by VCF and improve living quality and physical abilities.

Unceasingly Surpassing—Creating the Innovative Solutions Meeting Market Demands

There are some innovative therapies to be launched in domestic market in Kanghui’s portfolio of integrated orthopedic solutions, including PIVOT Spinal Deformity System with 3D Derotation for idiopathic scoliosis,  which may realize the scoliosis correction of single vertebral body and multiple vertebral bodies, and LAMINA Laminoplasty System, which can be applied in an extensive variety of indications; and has the distinctive clinic advantages in protecting the vertebral posterior structure, guaranteeing vertebral range of motion and facilitating early mobilization and rehabilitation after operation, and therefore it has received consistent appraisal of the experts.

Simplifying the Complex Surgical Instruments and Facilitating efficient Surgical Procedures

Libeier has launched a series of optimally allocated surgical instruments, including KOREStreamlined Thoracolumbar Degenerative Procedure Kit and Streamlined Anterior Cervical Degenerative Procedure Kit,aiming at providing rapid, efficient and cost-effective services. And meanwhile, it has also displayed its INSPIREDistal Lateral Femoral LISS and Proximal Lateral Tibial LISS.

Kanghui and Libeier have worked together in resource integration and innovation support, they put patient first and strive to alleviate patients’ pain and improve their quality of life by design more appropriate intra-operative and postoperative treatments through the joint research and development with the medical professionals.


About Medtronic Kanghui

Medtronic Kanghui Orthopedics, subordinated to Restorative Therapies Group, is the first business unit established by Medtronic headquarters outside the United States. It has now become a core contributor to Medtronic development due to its integrated and comprehensive operational strength in R&D, production and sales and has two production bases in China, namely Changzhou Kanghui Medical Innovation Co., Ltd. and Beijing Libeier Bio-engineering Institute Co., Ltd.


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